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Providing individual therapy and couples counseling in Visalia and San Luis Obispo, California (and surrounding areas) with 30+ Years of Experience: Certified EFT Supervisor and Couples Therapist

Are you tired of hurting, of not being heard in your relationship? Has the silence become deafening? Have you lost trust in your relationship? It’s probably time for couples counseling. Couples in relationship distress or crisis need the understanding, safety and support of a skilled marriage therapist. Emotional pain and turmoil in relationships result when needs are not met and trust is lost. When couples don’t know how to calm each others’ painful emotions, they find themselves in a cycle of conflict. At the Center for Relational Excellence we help couples escape reactive cycles and connect for a lifetime of love. Counting on learned relationship skills or behaviors is not enough to calm the emotional centers in the brain. Only when the fear of rejection or abandonment has been soothed will the cognitive skills come back on-line. Reaching out for couples counseling now can save the relationship you’ve worked so hard at building.

“We have been to 5 therapists and have spent thousands of dollars. And now in just a few sessions we are more connected than ever.”  —  Anonymous Client

“Dr. Regier has counseled us through a major storm in our relationship and we feel that we have now attached to one another in a new way. He is a remarkably gifted counselor  and we have been truly blessed by his practice.” — Anonymous Client

As a Certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist, Dr. Regier will help you learn how to stop your negative cycle of arguing, re-establish trust, meet each others’ emotional needs, and rebuild attachment bonds. There is no pain that hurts more than feeling alone or rejected in marriage. EFT helps couples find the love and security they need to live happy authentic lives.

Dr. Regier provides expert couples counseling, therapy and relationship education for families and individuals.

Serving clients in California’s Central Valley and Central Coast with offices in Visalia and San Luis Obispo, California.

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