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Relationship Counseling

  • Do you feel alone in your marriage and fear rejection or abandonment?
  • Have you and your spouse lost each other in the busyness of life?
  • Did you put your marriage relationship on hold while raising the kids?
  • Have the kids left home and taken with them the only feelings of love and attachment you’ve felt in years?
  • Are you and your partner staring at each other saying “who are you?” or “I don’t even know if I love you anymore”?
  • Are you AND your spouse satisfied with your sex life?
  • Does your partner treasure his/her cell phone more than your relationship?
  • Do you leave the best of yourself at the office?
  • Have you and your partner withdrawn to separate corners, silently suffering the loneliness?

Relationship counseling

Get your relationship back on track. Relationship counseling is the first step toward reconnection!

Dr. Regier has advanced training in relationship counseling. He is highly trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples. EFT is therapy and relationship counseling based in attachment theory. Research has found that secure attachment (connection) for couples is correlated with lower blood pressure and better cardiovascular health. It’s shown to help lower depression and anxiety and help increase one’s pain tolerance. Securely attached adults have stronger personal identities which allows them to feel confident when separated from their spouses. Connected couples are better lovers and parents.

See Dr. Regier’s article on Emotionally Focused Therapy for better understanding of this form of treatment.

Connected couple

Other issues he works with include:

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