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Paula Regier is an integral part of the Center for Relational Excellence. You’ll find her both on the front lines and behind the scene. She has a passion for helping others to become the best they can be, both as individuals and in their couple relationships. Paula is co-author of Emotional Connection, with her husband Michael Regier. In addition, Paula is co-creator and administrator of

As the Business Manager and Director of Client Relations, Paula is the first line of contact. She’ll be your go-to for all scheduling, payments and general questions about our services.

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Paula Regier's Great Whale Encounter

Paula is an author and blogger and has received certification as a Relationship Coach.

Paula’s had thirty-plus years of experience in sales, customer support, accounting, and small business ownership which has paved the way for the second half of life. In 2013 she left her accounting position with a local government agency to partner full-time with Michael.

Paula and Michael love spending time in San Diego with their adult son Stephen and his wife, Dennie. They treasure their time and adventures at the Central Coast.