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The New Era of Relational Leadership

We live in the most exciting and revolutionary age in the history of human kind. Communication is the fabric of unity. The more we talk, the quicker we will do away with antiquated ways of thinking and behaving, ways that crush the human spirit.

A new era is dawning on our definition of leadership success. Relational leadership is now the gold standard for what healthy and progressive leadership looks like. As we discover the thoughts and behaviors that bring life, peace and productivity, the water level of human potential will rise.

The old ways of brushing off relational exploitation with the excuse “we were just doing business” is a thing of the past. With over a billion people now online, a critical mass of the world’s population has emerged. Cyber-connections cross ethnic, national and religious barriers. People have been set free to talk, relate and care about each other. And in connecting with each other, they are free to speak and form powerful collaborative relationships.

A spirit of social justice has emerged around the world. Leadership that does not make a difference in the lives of people is rapidly losing favor. Words and concepts are not enough. Caring enough to meet the needs of others without expecting anything in return is becoming a standard practice in business.

The open architecture of cyber-communication makes corporate and governmental domination less and less viable. Those who are treating their neighbors as they are treating themselves are rising to the top; those who are self-seeking will lose power.

For centuries, leaders have controlled public opinion with rigid hierarchical structures and propaganda. The globalized capacity for cross communication has created free speech that is forcing transparency at every level of human organization.

The Relational Leadership Revolution is building a vast army of followers with a clarity that we will not advance unless we help the whole human kind to advance with us. As we embrace the reality that our competitors are our companions and our enemies require our forgiveness, we will reach a new zenith in human social action. It is in the embrace of that reality where we will see progress in feeding the hungry, healing the sick, and giving hope and purpose to those in despair.

Materialistic science is being replaced with a new understanding of the essential connection of spirit and matter, even at the particle level. We have come into an era where we are finally beginning to get it – reality is relationship. This new generation of revolutionary leaders will lead us out of disconnected darkness into relational prosperity.


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