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Productive Distractions

This past week has taken me off my originally mapped-out course of our book writing project.

Running Michael’s busy psychotherapy practice is both rewarding and challenging. Phone calls throughout my day leave me distracted by the sounds of marital crisis. The depth of emotional pain in their pleas for help is sometimes overwhelming. The urgent cries of these callers is often gut-wrenching. These “911 calls” can leave me teary-eyed and disheartened.

As potential clients seek rescue from their crumbling marriages, I find myself understanding at an even deeper level the crisis in today’s marital relationships. My compassion swells. My empathy expands. My gratitude for connection with Michael overwhelms me. As all these thoughts and emotions swirl, sift and then settle into the very fibers of my being, I find myself in a greater place of wholeness and integration.

Ironically, it is in the distractions of life that I may find my deeper revelation, inspiration and renewed energy which ultimately allow me to move forward with the book project. Perhaps we should give life’s distractions a little more respect!

I truly believe that it is along our journeys that we will find the words for the page!

Until next time!


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