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Marriage After Divorce: Getting it Right the Second Time Around


Are you starting over, beginning a new relationship after divorce? Remarriage after one or more failed relationships can be scary, so much so that some say “never again”. Frank Sinatra beautifully sang, “Love is lovelier, the second time around”. Ole Blue Eyes, as well as many of us, have experienced the betrayal in those words. […]

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Tandem Marriage: Being Your Best Self With The Person You Love


What is Tandem Marriage? Merriam Webster defines “tandem” as: a group of two people or things that work together; in partnership or in conjunction. If you have read through some of our previous Tandem Marriage blog posts, you’ll know that Michael and I ride a tandem racing bike, a bicycle-built-for-two. We have covered a bunch […]

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Productive Distractions

This past week has taken me off my originally mapped-out course of our book writing project. Running Michael’s busy psychotherapy practice is both rewarding and challenging. Phone calls throughout my day leave me distracted by the sounds of marital crisis. The depth of emotional pain in their pleas for help is sometimes overwhelming. The urgent […]

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From Tandem Riding to Tandem Writing: The Book Cometh


The seminars ended and the crowd went wild. Then the much too familiar words came: “WHERE IS THE BOOK?”   Juggling his busy Couples Therapy practice during a period crammed with seminars, retreats and talks, made book writing time scarce for Michael. Our frustrations grew as the book requests of friends, colleagues and clients reverberated […]

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