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Do We Find Ourselves in the Arms of Another… Or in the Depth of Ourself?

find your self

Are you seeking counseling or therapy for yourself, your relationship or for business growth? Maybe you’re looking for help with communication, addiction or trauma. Perhaps you’re like many who call my office wondering do I work on my imperfect relationship first? Or do I start with my imperfect self? Now more than ever I’ve been […]

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Will Doing More Of The Same Release Your Peak Potential?

Have you ever wondered why you just keep doing more of the same? And is “more of the same” really working to your advantage, toward releasing your peak potential? Why are humans often so resistant to doing anything that will create positive change within themselves? Learning more, finishing a writing project, practicing music, exercising to […]

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The Ultimate Answers to a Balanced Fulfilling Life

A relationship in conflict is often an indication that the life of one person or both lives of the couple is out of balance. Being out of balance is like driving a car with unbalanced tires. This creates an annoying vibration that eventually wears the tires out. Life balance is the key to an efficient […]

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Can Emotional Withdrawal Lead To Porn Addiction?

Man Looking at Porn

Have you just learned that your husband spends more time with porn than he does with you? Are your reaches for your guy’s affection met with distance? Does he withdraw and shut down with you while giving pornography his utmost attention? Can emotional withdrawal lead to porn addiction? That’s a really great question. In my […]

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Tis The Season For Emotion

The Season For Emotion

Are you looking forward to this year’s Christmas? What are you feeling? Are you feeling happy that you will get to be with your family? Or perhaps sad that there will be no family gatherings at all this year? Or are you just trying to shut down all emotion? Is this really the season for […]

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7 Ways Couples Can Become More Connected During COVID-19

connected during covid

If you’re living and breathing you’ve felt the impact of COVID-19. How has it affected your most important relationship? Have you grown closer and become more connected? Or has it been a struggle? Have you been biding your time, thinking life will return to normal soon? And with that, your relationship will magically get back […]

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7 Keys to Successful Relationship and Lifetime Love

Successful Relationship

Are you ready for the truth about what makes relationships work? You have the power to change your life with these 7 keys to successful relationships. The popular press is full of advice that is not proven. Many therapists who do not specialize in couples therapy give lots of common sense solutions for relationship success […]

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