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Emotional Connection Relationship Foundations Online Course

Have you been betrayed by your partner? Has there been an affair? Or a broken promise that has deeply affected the trust you once had? Betrayal’s definition is much broader than a sexual “affair”.

And maybe betrayal isn’t part of your story. But you’re just looking to strengthen your emotional bond. We’ve got a great next step. The Emotional Connection Relationship Foundations Online Course. This course uses our book Emotional Connection as a source text. Emotional Connection tells the story, therapy experience and science of a couple named Ben and Claire who find themselves in relationship crisis after Claire discovers Ben’s emotional affair. The book is a creative fusion of representational fiction and non-fiction scientific explanation. It’s not therapy, rather Relationship Education.

All couples we see in our practice struggle at some level with the emotional bond in their relationship. They have said the concepts taught in our book have helped them more quickly understand their negative cycles of arguing and engage in the stages of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

So now there’s more! The Emotional Connection Online Course is a companion to the book. It takes students even deeper into the science of relationship. Couples learn how to strengthen their emotional bond. The course is NOT therapy, discernment counseling or crisis intervention. It is relationship education. The concepts taught in the course will help anyone build healthy relationship foundations from the ground up…or understand why past relationships have failed…or make good relationships even better, stronger, more resilient and able to stand the tests of time.

Committing to commitment alone will not safeguard your relationship…Secure relationships require a commitment to emotional connection!

Learn Lifelong Relationship Foundations

Most people have little scientific knowledge about strengthening our emotional bond or even what makes a relationship last for a lifetime. Navigating a lifetime relationship is even more challenging if you grew up in a home where there was divorce and relationship dysfunction. The popular press often glamorizes relationship ideals that create relationship insecurity.

The Emotional Connection Relationship Foundations Online Course is based on 30 years of research in attachment science. Much of the damage caused to relationships can be prevented if couples know how to form healthy emotional bonds from the outset.

Our book, Emotional Connection, and the course take readers into the early foundations of what makes relationships insecure and how to heal broken emotional bonds. By understanding the roots of our insecure childhood attachments we can make sense of our emotional reactions and shutdowns in our adult love relationships. Our course teaches couples to help each other overcome these insecurities by becoming emotionally present to each other in their own relationship.

The Emotional Connection Relationship Foundations Online Course teaches couples how to build these healthy foundations. Once a couple becomes securely attached, communication and intimacy are relatively easy to maintain.

Learn How Emotions Make or Break Relationships

Most couples say “I do” with every intention that their relationship will beat the odds and last a lifetime. Committing to commitment alone does not protect or sustain a relationship. It is committing to emotional connection that makes relationships last a lifetime.

Loving emotions shape attachment bonds and bring life to relationships. People who learn how to be emotionally responsive, validating and engaged are able to bring renewal and joy to their relationships. The emotional investment makes problem solving and supporting each other much easier when the stresses of life come. Lifetime love relationships are relatively easy to keep warm when emotional bonds are secure.

Learning how to express and validate each other’s emotions is the key to making love relationships fulfilling and easy. Learning how to open up and stay out of reactive cycle arguments is not easy and may be impossible without some knowledge and guidance. This course teaches you how to do this and helps you assess whether you will need the help of a therapist to be able to securely emotionally connect.

Emotional Connection Relationship Foundations Online Course is for you if you are:

  • single and want to get your next relationship right from the start
  • wondering why your last relationship failed
  • entering a new relationship after divorce
  • interested in avoiding the common mistakes made in many relationships
  • committed to changing relationship patterns from your family’s history
  • feeling disconnected in your relationship
  • sniffing relationship trouble
  • fearful of a relationship failure
  • in a committed relationship and feel like you’ve fallen out of love

You’ll learn how to:

  • build emotional bonds for secure lifelong love
  • date for lifelong attachment
  • be a better parent
  • understand how your childhood attachments impact all adult love relationships
  • rewire your brain for healthy attachment
  • prioritize your partner for secure lifetime love
  • understand how career and kids affect our primary relationships
  • survive and thrive after affairs, betrayals and relationship trauma
  • build healthy relationship after divorce
  • make sense of your relationship failures
  • understand and de-escalate negative cycle arguments
  • know the differences between new and mature love
  • build strong foundations for leadership success
  • know when it’s time to seek professional help in your relationship

Make a good relationship great with Emotional Connection Relationship Foundations Online Course!