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Who do you trust for wise counsel about your most personal and profitable relationships? There are many forms of management and leadership consulting and many reasons why getting the right relational leadership consultant is so essential.

  • You cannot outgrow your key relationships
  • The profitability of your business depends on the strength of your relational capital and relational leadership
  • The entire emotional tone of an organization is influenced by the key leader or leaders
  • Strong relational leadership increases the health and energy of everyone in
    the organization
  • Strong teams excel in creative problem solving
  • Healthy relational leadership reduces mistakes and their negative impact

Dr. Michael Wayne Regier is a psychologist with over thirty years of experience working as a therapist and as a relational leadership consultant. He is part of the Founding Faculty of the Kaweah Delta Hospital/University of California Irvine affiliated residency program in Visalia, California. He has consulted for many national and local organizations including The Dupont Corporation, General Motors, Smith Barney,, The Inland Star Corporation, The Washington State Chiropractic Board, Pirie Properties, The Johns Hopkiins Bayview Addictions Treatment Services Center, The Medical Center of Delaware, Kaweah Delta Medical Center, the Delaware Episcopal Dioceses and other small businesses. Dr. Regier has helped hundreds of people in private practice restore their marriage, family and business relationships.

Integration is the vital element of Dr. Regier’s relational leadership strategy, incorporating cutting edge knowledge in relational neuroscience, business leadership and attachment theory. Understanding how to create a secure base of business and personal relationships allows leaders to live into their highest potential.

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    Relational Leadership for Your Business

    Biz - Assessments

    Assessments and Team Building Seminar

    Relational Leadership promotes the highest potential of every person
    Building transparency and trust among the team is the foundation of relational leadership. We accelerate this process with our proprietary leadership assessment seminar that greatly reduces the amount of time needed for the team members to understand each other’s personality and leadership strengths.

    Becoming a relational leader requires an internal shifting of perspective from individual performance-based thinking to measuring success based on team performance. We offer several different seminars and team building activities to help leaders make a paradigm shift to working and measuring performance in this way.

    Relational Leadership Assessment and Team-Building Seminar:
    Our leadership assessment battery can be administered to help individuals or teams understand their personality, relationship and leadership strengths, painting a powerful picture of:

    • Key leadership personality traits
    • Needs for interpersonal affiliation
    • Core leadership strengths

    We have developed a powerful assessment-based team building seminar that helps team members to better understand how to communicate, support and delegate work flow based on leadership strengths. The assessment-based team-building seminar has produced powerful outcomes in bringing together polarized executive work groups. After bringing a dysfunctional C-Level leader into empathic alignment using this assessment seminar the CEO told us, “this has been the most important day in the 30-year history of this company.”

    Relational Leadership Paradigm Building Seminars:
    Our seminars build a foundation to help leaders produce synergistic solutions that propel their companies forward. Two of our foundational seminars include:

    • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” Based on Patrick Lencioni’s book. This seminar helps leaders to understand the key behaviors that create team success and failure.
    • Tribal Leadership” Based on the book by Dave Logan, John King and Halee Fischer-Wright. This book defines the five levels of leadership that comprise the L5 concept.


    Relational Leadership Business CoachingBiz flip chart

    The goals of Relational Leadership Business Coaching:

    • To shift the paradigm of leaders from individual to group accomplishment
    • To increase the capacity for interpersonal trust, transparency, and synergy
    • To have accurate self-knowledge and commitment to work in the zone of highest potential
    • To trust team members to carry out mission-critical assignments
    • To have an attitude of wonderment and unselfish passion for the mission
    • To live a balanced and relationally fulfilled lifestyle
    • For your efforts to be a blessing to everyone you connect with

    The Benefits of Relational Leadership Business Coaching:

    • Maximize the potential of each person in the organization
    • Decrease employee turnover
    • Decrease employee burnout
    • Increase capacity to stay focused and make great accomplishments
    • Consistently implement key performance Indicators through group motivation and accountability
    • Decrease employee discrimination and legal action
    • Increase efficiency and output

    The cost of the loss of efficiency due to unproductive team process and poor relational leadership is too high!

    Call us to arrange a complimentary consultation to discuss the many ways that we can serve your business!



    Family Business & Wealth Legacy

    While enterprise business gets a great deal of attention, 60 to 85% of businesses around the world are family businesses and most want to see the family ownership continueFamily business has high potential for rewards and for heartaches. Many business founders who attempt to leave their businesses to their children find that they struggle to make their family business relationships work. Many family businesses do not survive transfer to the second and third generation.

    While non-family businesses often fail because of micro or macro environmental forces, family businesses usually fail because of family conflict and family management issues. There is almost an identical trend for the loss of family wealth that is transferred from one generation to the next.

    Research has demonstrated that 70 percent of assets passed from one generation to another is lost. The thirty percent of inheritors that preserve and grow the resources with which they are entrusted have the following in common:

    • They have open transparent family communication
    • They have learned how to be responsible with wealth from an early age
    • They are secure in personal identity
    • They have participated in a family vision-casting process

    How these issues are worked through can make or break a family business or wealth transfer. Financial or legal experts do not have in-depth training in skillfully navigating potentially stormy seas of family business and wealth transition. As family relationship experts we will partner with your financial and legal experts to make your transition as smooth and healthy as possible. Our team approach to transitioning your family covers all of the bases, while giving care and expertise to where it is most needed: on preserving and growing your most important relationships. Some of the resources that we offer include:

    Family Leadership Assessment Retreats

    • We identify the personalities, preferences, and leadership strengths of the individual family members
    • We help bring objectivity to parental decision making about who among the children to promote into key business positions
    • We help the family identify the source of relational conflicts
    • We create a fun atmosphere to connect more deeply and honor each others’ strengths

    Family Culture of Honor Seminars

    • We help family business leaders communicate their vision and values to inheritors
    • We teach families how to have healthy productive conflict
    • We build family identity and pride in what is being passed down
    • We energize the family tribe to make great accomplishments

    Individual and Family Coaching and Leadership Development

    • We create leadership development plans with heirs as young as 14 years of age
    • We walk beside your family through the years of transition providing soft touches for growing your future leaders
    • We provide guidance when unexpected problems arise that threaten the health of your vital family relationships
    • We provide wise confidential wisdom to parents for shaping their children’s future
    • We are marriage experts who help all family members understand the importance of attachment for relational health


    Relational Leadership & Emotional Intelligence Essential for Excellent Patient Care

    Biz MedicalLong gone are the days of the general practitioner who did everything from home visits to surgery. Modern medicine is a matrix of ever evolving specialists working together and providing leadership to teams of professionals. Being an expert is not enough for excellent care. Specialists must increasingly grow in relational leadership to promote the cross-disciplinary collaboration essential for excellent patient care.
    Physician and nurse relational leadership is imperative. A 2004 report by the Joint Commission for Hospital Accreditation indicated that: Most cases of perinatal death and injury are caused by problems with an organization’s culture and communication problems between providers.” According to the report these culture and communication problems result in 72% of perinatal deaths and 85% of maternal deaths

    The Joint Commission recommended that all hospitals implement team-work training programs to improve outcomes.

    A 2005 study published in JAMA found that: “Team training for the labor and delivery department resulted in a 50% reduction of poor outcomes in preterm infants.”

    Our Leadership Assessment team-building seminar is effective in the breakdown of barriers between team members by:

    • Defining the personality traits and communication needs of each individual
    • Describing the problem solving styles of team members
    • Helping team members understand each others’ needs for emotional support
    • Rapidly breaking down interpersonal barriers and creating greater empathy and collaboration
    • Understanding the strengths of leadership across dimensions proven to advance leaders for promotion

    Medical schools and residencies are much better at developing the left brain analytic side of patient care than they are at growing right brain emotional intelligence. Our seminars on attachment neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and team building help physicians and nurses:

    • Understand the importance of sensitivity to the emotional needs of patients and colleagues
    • Recognize the difference between healthy and destructive conflict
    • Make the paradigm shift from the individual expert to the team connected style of medical practice
    • Stop and heal destructive cycles of emotional conflict
    • Find greater ease and efficiency to practice in strengths-based team approach
    • Significantly reduce negative outcomes from communication failures
    • Meet JCAH compliance standards for team communication training

    We provide individual relational leadership coaching for physicians and nurses. Individual coaching has potential to:

    • Rapidly excel learning
    • Handle the complexity of specific needs for leadership development
    • Increase accountability where practice patterns may be putting quality of care at risk
    • Provide the tools and encouragement to grow in emotional sensitivity
    • Help achieve personal goals for more efficient and effective practice

    The cost of loss of efficiency and compromised patient care resulting from underdeveloped relational leadership and emotional intelligence is too high!

    Call us to arrange a complimentary consultation to discuss the many ways that we can serve your family or business!