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Beginning the process of therapy, counseling or coaching:

Entering into a therapy or counseling process can feel foreign, even scary. Whether you are beginning to work with us as an individual, couple or a family, it is important that you feel relaxed and safe. Here is what you can expect:

Making the call:

It has likely taken a great deal of courage to make this call. It is our goal to make you feel safe and relaxed as you navigate these next steps. When you call the Center for Relational Excellence Paula, our Practice Administrator, will greet you. Paula will talk with you about the type of services you are seeking, our fees, office location and scheduling. She will arrange a free confidential telephone consultation with Dr. Regier where you will have a chance to get to know each other and see if Dr. Regier and our services will best meet your needs for therapy, counseling or coaching. A good fit for both the therapist and the client is the first step toward a successful therapeutic outcome. If the decision is made to take the next step, Paula will set up an appointment for your first session.

Scheduling the appointment:

After the initial screening call with Dr. Regier Paula will set up your first appointment. Generally we see couples on a weekly basis. Though not always practical, we attempt to lock in a repeating appointment time each week. We have found that the commitment and accountability to that time slot is a positive piece of the therapy or counseling process.

New Client Registration:

Prior to your first appointment we’ll direct you to register on this site as a new client. Please see our New Client Registration page for more information and to begin the registration process. If you have any questions, Paula will be happy to walk you through the process. After inputting basic personal information, you will be instructed to print a number of forms, fill them out by hand and bring them with you to your first session.

First session:

Sessions are 55 minutes with longer sessions available if warranted. We will take payment at the time of each session. We do not contract with, or bill, any insurance companies. However, we will provide you with a statement (Super Bill) that you may submit to your insurance carrier for any applicable reimbursement. Learn more about fees and the payment methods we accept on our Rates and Insurance page.



Paula Regier
Practice Administrator

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