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“Dr. Regier has indeed made a powerful impact on both of our lives independently as well as collectively. He has counseled us through a major storm in our relationship and we feel that we have now attached to one another in a new way. He is a remarkably gifted counselor  and we have been truly blessed by his practice. ”

Anonymous Client

“We cannot begin to express our gratitude. You have made it possible for us to be the family we are today.”

Anonymous Client

“We have been to 5 therapists and have spent thousands of dollars. And now in just a few sessions we are more connected than ever.”

Anonymous Client

“Excellent article! You describe so well the stages of betrayal! I love the way you make the issue so concise and easy to understand. You make it so clear that staying stuck in the cycle is not necessary, and you offer solid ways to work toward healthy resolution.”

Anonymous Reader