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Oxytocin: The Bonding Love Chemical

Emotional Connection

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Oxytocin: The bonding chemical that makes love last

Clients often do not understand the brain chemistry that makes love last.

Established love is very different than new love.

Dopamine driven love:

New love is the dopamine driven fireworks that burn out once a relationship is established.

Emotional Connection:

Oxytocin is released when established lovers learn to deeply trust and emotionally connect.

This creates deep feelings of safety, well-being and serenity. It helps couples to stay in sync with each other’s needs and wants.

Oxytocin bonds couples together the same way that it bonds infants and mothers.

Many established couples make the mistake of longing for the sensational emotions driven by dopamine, rather than the bonding emotions produced by oxytocin.

Individuals on the hunt for more dopamine are often disappointed once their relationship is established and the dopamine decreases.

This can lead to the heartbreak of relationship betrayals through affairs, and sexual addictions.

Learning to make the transition from being dopamine driven to being oxytocin bonded, is vital for every couple who wants to enjoy a lasting love relationship.

Click here for the first three chapters of our book Emotional Connection: The Story and Science of Preventing Conflict and Creating Lifetime Love.


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